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Welcome to the Green Harbor Tuna Club


The Green Harbor Tuna Club was founded in 1972 by fellow Green Harbor fisherman who shared common goals: to promote the interest of sportfishing; to promote standards of fishing conduct that will eliminate wasteful practices; and to encourage sportsmanship, confidence and friendly relations among sportfishermen.

Even though the GHTC has a large focus on GBFT fishing, it is not limited to GBFT. We also:

  • Focus on all types of sportfish (by holding a multi-species season long Interclub Tournament, a multi-species 2-day race-like tournament, and Cod/Striper/Bluefish tournaments),

  • Encourage participation by all (by holding an annual GBFT/Sportfish ladies tournament & Kids/Jr categories exist in an array of our tournaments),

  • Give back to the community thru charity events

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Club Announcements

  • 53rd Annual Giant Bluefin Tuna Tournament

    Fishing Dates - August 29th (hopefully), September 1st and September 2nd

    Last year's tournament was the biggest in GHTC history. This year we anticipate more boats will compete for first place.


    Remember, 2nd place is not a winner and 3rd place nobody remembers. There will be only one CASH grand prize winner, the captain of the boat who brings in the heaviest Bluefin Tuna. Do you have what it takes??!!