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48th Annual Giant Bluefin Tuna Tournament

Friday, September 21st to Sunday, September 23rd


  • Wayne Daley, 617-842-7797

Final Registration & Captain's Meeting

  • Date: 9/20/2018 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Location: GH Marina, Blue Building
  • Fee: $100.00


  • Bluefin Tuna

Award Categories

  • Heaviest fish overall

Rules, Fishing Times, and Details

48th Annual Green Harbor Tuna Club Giant Bluefin Tuna Tournament

2018 Tournament Rules • GHTC General Club Rules Apply • Must be a GHTC Club member in good standing to enter • Retained bluefin tuna must be at least 73" CFL • No limit on fishing area • Boats do not need to return to the marina at night • All bluefin hook ups and landings must be called into a Committee Boat on Channel 65 or you are disqualified. • Weigh-ins must be documented with an official weigh-in slip, including documentation of the boat name and weigh-in date and time. Details must be called into the Tournament Chair by weigh-in close time & proper documentation provided by 5pm Sunday, 9/23. • If you are still fighting a fish at 3pm, you can continue to try to land the fish, but you must call in your fish to a Committee boat before 3pm & must weigh-in by 4:30pm. • The total of all entry fees will go to the winner of the largest giant bluefin tuna caught. There is no Weather Committee. The decision if/where to fish or to anchor/port is the sole responsibility and accountability of the individual participants.

Tournament Eligibility: • A Captain or a boat representative, must complete and submit an official tournament registration form before the boat leaves dock to fish within a tournament. • If a Tournament Registered boat runs into mechanical problems, a substitute boat can be registered in its place. To officially register the substitute boat, a phone call/voicemail must be made to a Committee boat before they leave dock.

Fishing: • Federal, State and Local limits apply at all times. • Sportsmanlike tackle to be used: rod and reel, and hand line only. • All boats are to monitor Radio Channel 65 VHF.

Weigh-in: • Fish must be freshly caught and entered whole or gutted. • It is recommended to weigh the fish whole. If gutted, the guts are not included in the weight. • Weight ties will be broken by earlier weigh-in time

Committee Boat and Tournament Chairman: • Will be on Channel 65 • Wayne Daley

Time Table: • Start time – 12am Friday, 9/21 • Lines out – 3pm Sunday, 9/23 • Weigh-in closes – 4:30pm, 9/23 • Documentation Due – 5pm, 9/23, Wayne Daley

Weigh-In and Banquet


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Please make sure to read the GHTC General Club Rules which apply to all tournaments.