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GHTC General Club Rules

Additional club Rules & Regulations may exist for individual tournaments.
They will be provided at the Tournament Registration.

There is no Weather Committee. The decision if/where to fish or to anchor/port is the sole responsibility and accountability of the individual participants.

Tournament Eligibility:

  • You must be a member in good standing before you participate in any tournament.
  • A Captain or a boat representative, must complete and submit an official tournament registration form before the boat leaves dock to fish within a tournament. This can be done at the individual tournament Registration meetings or by contacting a Board of Director or Tournament Chairman before tournament start.
  • Charter boat captains who are club members, can choose whether to join a tournament in a ‘charter boat’ or in a ‘non-charter boat’ category. To be eligible for the ‘non-charter category’ they must not be taking a charter the day they catch and weigh-in tournament fish. Whatever category they enroll in, is maintained for the duration of the tournament.
  • If a Tournament Registered boat runs into mechanical problems, a substitute boat can be registered in its place. To officially register the substitute boat, a phone call/voicemail must be made to the Tournament Chairman or a BOD before they leave dock.


  • Federal, State and Local limits apply at all times.
  • Fish must be caught by a GHTC member or by a boat captained by a GHTC member.
  • Sportsmanlike tackle to be used: rod and reel, and hand line only.
  • All boats are to monitor Radio Channel 65 VHF.


  • All fish will be registered by weight only.
  • Fish must be freshly caught and entered whole or gutted.
  • Tournament fish must be weighed at the “Official Tournament Weigh-in Station” designated for each tournament.
  • Weigh-in must be witnessed by a GHTC Captain who was not on the boat at the time of catch.
  • At Tournament Weigh-in Close Time, at minimum, a crew member must be at the Weigh-in Station touching the gallows pole and fish can come later as long as boat is in green harbor basin.
  • With the exception of the Interclub Tournament, weight ties for Tournament fish will be broken by earlier weigh-in time.