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Current Posting News

2014 Striper Tournament

1st place - Captain Chris Turner, Angler Mark Virta, Boat Turner On, Weight 19.7lbs. 2nd place - Captain and Angler Syd Schultz, Boat Fish-S, Weight 6.8lbs.

2014 Masters Tournament Results

1st place - Captain Chris Turner with 6 species, Boat Turner On, 32lbs. 2nd place - Captain Artie Camuso with 5 species, Boat Soggy Dollar, 26lbs. 3rd place - Captain Wayne Daley with 2 species, Boat My Dee Lite, 21lbs.

2014 Cod Tournament Results

1st place – Mark Virta-Angler, Chris Turner-Capt, Turner On-Boat, 6.1lbs. 2nd place – Nick Vercollone-Angler, Syd Schultz-Capt, Fish-S-Boat, 4.9lbs. 3rd place – Paul Freeley-Angler, Tom Libertini-Capt, Family Jules-Boat, 4.8lbs. 4th place – Jeff Swidrak-Angler, Artie Camuso-Capt, Soggy Dollar-Boat, 3.4lbs.